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We buy again Periwinkle from Aug 03/2022 see details more

Hello Periwinkle diggers,

We'll start to buy again from today Aug 03 / 2022. We will accept to buy only new stuff so please bring fresh periwinkles.

Thank you

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PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU PICK PERIWINKLES WE ARE NOT ACCEPT THAT - Any foreign object that are rocks, seaweeds etc. - Too small size of stuff. You can ask the size if you don't know. - Old periwinkle. W

We stop buying Periwinkle from July 21/2022.

To Periwinkle Digger We stop buying Periwinkle from July 18/2022 / Not buying Periwinkle that was picked afternoon tide 18th. We will notice that the date buying again here and our website. https://w


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